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I strongly believe in giving credit to others when it is due, so I wanted to mention a few people and websites/blogs/forums without whom neither this trip nor this blog would be possible. But most of all, I want to thank my family. My parents for being supportive even though this is probably the craziest thing I have done so far, for taking care of my cat, and everything else while I am gone. My sister for helping my parents deal with house sale and the associated moving headaches while I am gone as well as ocasional cheeky photo comments. My extended family for embracing my trip and doing their part in making sure I get to see the best of the places I used to visit when I was younger.

Trip Inspiration

Dave from Vegabonder Dave Blog – for inspiring me to get away from the daily grind as well as for putting South East Asia on my road map. The guy sold everything he had after graduating from a university and went on traveling through Australia, South East Asia, and, now, Middle East for over a year.

Max from ZinkPulse – for inspiring me to continue to get out there to learn and try new things. When I met Max, he was conversing fluently in seven languages, traveled on a whim to China, Korea, and Japan (while also double majoring in two unrelated subjects and working three different jobs). You can read the rest here (and you really should). Oh, and, by the way, that article was written short after Max turned 20. Quite an inspiration!

Justin from – a friend of Max, following Justin’s blog made me realize that one can go out there, travel all over the place, have a great time and still making it in the ‘real world’.

Igor – a Ukrainian high school friend of mine, Igor has been successful at setting up his lifestyle such that it allows him and his family to spend a few winter months in a new South East Asia country every winter.

Steve Kamb, Nate Green, and Tim Ferris – for inspiring me to press on with my dreams in general and providing useful resources for others to break out of the ordinary.

Trip “Mechanics”

Charles from Los Angeles – for making me realize that a round-the-world trip can be had for ‘free’ with just a couple hundred thousand frequent flyer miles. I am also very grateful for his advise for a safari tour company in South Africa as well as for convincing me to go to Palawn in the Philippines.

FatWallet Finance and FlyerTalk forums – for sharing the tips, tricks, and the ‘tribal knowledge’ of how to use my credit score and the credit card system to my advantage  for obtaining a free round-the-world ticket and many other invaluable perks as well as partial (albeit very small) ongoing financing of my trip.

Jonathan at My Money Blog – for bringing the incredible deal for the American Express Platinum card to my attention. As a side note, MyMoneyBlog is the only personal finance blog I have been following consistently since 2007.

Website Design

pureVISION theme by Anon – a great, very flexible and easily configurable WordPress theme with superb support introduced to me by Max.

Justin – for some great features I have added or plan on implementing later that I gathered by browsing his website. Even more so for two his outstanding WordPress plugins I am using on this website – WP-FB AutoConnect and Facebook Photo Fetcher.

Igor – for the front page slider idea as well as some very useful info on how to get it implemented to my likings.

Michael Anthony Photography – for the awesome profile picture.

NerdFitness/RobarsPages and MyMoneyBlog for Disclaimer inspirations.

MyMoneyBlog, CashMoneyLife, and Cranky Flier for Privacy Policy inspirations.


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  2. appears, the reference on the page where you have acknowledge thanking your friend Dave is an incorrect link as it points to a porn site
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