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Working on the blog outside my guesthouse in El Nido, Philippines

Hey, my name is Dima (as you could have probably guessed by now) and thank you for visiting Dima’s Corner!¬†I am guessing you ended up on this page because you wanted to learn more about me and my site. Or you just stumbled upon it and cannot wait to hit the back button. I sure hope it is the former! ūüôā

About Me

Born and raised in Ukraine, I spent the last few years living in four different states in the US (Ohio, Florida, Iowa, and Kansas) while visiting all of contiguous states. As a kid, I have not been to many places, so I am not sure how I have gotten the travel bug, but I am sure hooked now. In summer 2011 an opportunity came up  for me to embark on a round-the-world journey and I decided to go for it.

It was sure a tough decision to leave a good, stable job (I turned in my resignation letter on the day that the stock market experienced the third largest drop in history) and go out on my own with just a backpack (not even a full one). Some people wonder why would I do that. Some wonder why it took me that long to do it. Either way, I could not have been happier with my decision.

About The Blog

Naturally, my family, friends, coworkers, and other people I have told about the trip wanted to learn how I am able to do it and follow my travels so the idea for this blog was born. Besides being the diary of sorts, I will also use it to provide some tips, tricks, and useful information for those that might be contemplating starting the journey of their own as well as those already on the road looking for that hard to come by information on hotels, food and transportation options not covered by the travel guides.


  1. Dima,

    Wanted to give you a heads up, I featured your review of the Minaal Pack in my most recent post – “Top 5 Carry-on Backpacks for Travel & Yoga in 2014.”

    Nice review!

    The Yoga Nomads

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