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Upgrade To iPhone 6 [Plus] And Keep Unlimited Data Plan With Verizon

Yes. It is still possible:

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - end goal

End result – upgraded iPhone 6 with unlimited data

How is that for a teaser?

But kidding aside, for the last three years I have been able to upgrade my iPhone line to the latest and greatest version taking advantage of the other dumbphone lines on our family plan. Including this year.

In 2012 and 2013, the trick was pretty straightforward:

  1. Upgrade a dumbphone line to a new iPhone
  2. Reactivate the dumbphone back on that line
  3. Activate the new iPhone on the old iPhone line
  4. Celebrate

I wrote a detailed post on how to do that last year, and judging by the number of comments, a few people found it useful.

Fast forward to 2014.

The loophole that allowed the above process to work is now closed shut by Verizon – when upgrading a dumbphone line to the latest iPhone, it was possible to select a data plan and then get rid of that data plan on step 2 when the dumbphone was placed back on that line.

Not anymore. Verizon now requires you to keep that data plan or pay an early termination fee. With cheapest option being $30 a month for two years, that’s quite a price to pay for that “free” upgrade. Alternatively, you can upgrade your iPhone line directly and lose the unlimited data plan.

But there is still a way to upgrade and keep the unlimited data. I just did it. And here is a step-by-step with screenshots to put your mind at ease if you consider doing this yourself. As always, YMMV – take screenshots and prints out as you do it yourself, particularly making sure that your unlimited data is not affected.

Upgrade To iPhone 6 [Plus] With Unlimited Data in a Nutshell

Here is what we will do:

  • On Verizon website, go through the process of upgrading a dumbphone line and ordering the new iPhone 6 [Plus] on that line
  • Agonize while you wait for it to ship – chocolate helps. A chocolate iPhone would help even more.
  • Once received, instead of activating it on the dumbphone line you ordered it on, activate the new iPhone 6 [Plus] on your old iPhone line
  • Marvel at the new iPhone and have a drink of your choice as you appreciate its seamless design (this step is optional).
  • Sell your old iPhone to Gazelle, have another beverage of your choice, brag to everyone about your brand spanking new iPhone 6 [Plus]. Also, tell everyone how much you hate the new iOS 7 iOS 8 (any and all parts of this step are optional as well).

Now, here are the promised step-by-step instructions.


The only way to prevent downgrading your iPhone line from unlimited data to 2GB data plan is to order the new phone on a different line first, then activate it on your main line. This means that you have to be on a family plan with the non-iPhone line eligible for an upgrade (or an available upgrade that can be transferred to that line). If that’s not your current situation, I believe it should be possible to add a line to your current plan, effectively turning it into a family plan while paying very little for it and making you eligible for an upgrade every year. I will address this in at the very end of this post.

But let’s get back to the issue at hand. In my particular case, we have four phones on our family plan. My iPhone 5s, two dumb phones for my parents, and an Android excuse for a phone that my sister loves.

Step 0: Verify upgrade eligibility

Remember, we need a line with an available upgrade. In your Verizon account online, under My Verizon drop-down select My Device and then Upgrade Device:

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - verify upgrade eligibility

Verify upgrade eligibility – in this case, I will need to transfer the upgrade from iPhone line to one of my dumbphone lines

In my particular case, the only line with an upgrade on it is my iPhone line. Fret not – Verizon makes it easy to transfer the upgrade to a different line (one of the dumbphones) by clicking on (surprise, surprise) Transfer Upgrade:

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - transfer upgrade

Upgrade transferred to the dumbphone line, now we are ready!

Step 1: Backup your old iPhone

This goes without saying… make sure you have your backup up to date. Remember that just syncing your iPhone with iTunes may not actually back it up. Double check the time of your last backup and click that Back Up Now button if needed:

upgrade verizon iphone 5 to iphone 5s iphone 5c keep unlimited data - backup first

Make sure you indeed have the latest backup before you upgrade

Step 2: Purchase new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on your dumbphone line

Purchase the new iPhone via Verizon website at the contract price plus $30 for the upgrade. My iPhone 6 128 GB came out to $497.98 ($399 + $30 upgrade + tax). Yikes! But we’ll get most of it back when we sell the old one later.

Note: when paying for this, take into consideration which credit card you will use. American Express cards provide notoriously awesome warranty services while Chase Ink family of cards will give you 5 points per dollar spent at Verizon. Debit cards, gift cards, and cash are terrible because they will not give you ANY purchase protection.

Here is what the step-by-step process looks like on the website after selecting to upgrade the dumbphone line:

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - choose iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus

Choose your poison – iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Different colors/storage options will have different shipping dates

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - disclosure

You must agree to the disclosure to proceed

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - select options

You must choose a data package – might as well choose the cheapest

Sure it says 2GB data on here, but remember, you are choosing the data package for your dumbphone line. This choice should have no effect on your iPhone line’s unlimited data. I have confirmed with a Verizon chat agent that these new data charges on your dumbphone line will only start when we activate the iPhone 6 on it. But we won’t!

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - verizon chat

Confirmation from Verizon rep that nothing will change if iPhone is not activated on the dumbphone line

Next couple of screens will try to upsell you on equipment protection and accessories and finally the last two confirmation screens:

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - service changes

Confirmation of plan changes – extra $30 for the data plan on the [current] dumbphone line, which we will not activate

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - final confirmation

Confirmation of charges for the new iPhone 6. Don’t worry about Uncle Sam – taxes will be added on the final payment page

Step 3: Activate new iPhone 6 [Plus] on your main line, not the dumbphone line

So after a few days your new iPhone finally gets there and the fun continues.

Back to My Verizon, My Device and then Activate or Switch Device. Don’t turn off your old iPhone just yet!

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - activate

Time to activate new iPhone 6 on our iPhone line

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - enter device id

Enter your new iPhone 6 [Plus] device ID – the IMEI/MEID number on the back of the box 

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - verification

Have the verification code texted to your old iPhone

It took me good five minutes to receive the code so I was starting to suspect that something might be up. But the code came. Just wait for it.

After you get the code, you can turn off your old iPhone, pop out the SIM card and get ready for the final step.

upgrade verizon iphone 5s to iPhone 6 plus + keep unlimited data - transfer sim cards

Pop the SIM card from the old iPhone into the new iPhone

And you are done!

Turn on the new iPhone with the old SIM card in it and you should be all good to go. No need to call to activate or anything else.

Step 4: Sell your old iPhone

Once you got your new iPhone up and running, get rid of the old one! There are various services that will give you either “cash” or store credit for it:

  • Verizon – this year will give you a very generous store credit when upgrading from old iPhone to the new one on the same line. Obviously, we cannot do this to avoid being kicked off our unlimited data plan here.
  • Apple store – similarly, will give you upgrade credit if getting the new phone at their store. Again, we did not do this so this option is not for us.
  • Amazon – will give you Amazon gift card for it ($275 for 32GB Verizon iPhone 5s in “good” condition). I already have quite a bit of money tied up in Amazon account so I didn’t want this. Also, I am not sure how they determine whether the condition is “good” or not. The “acceptable” 5S is only worth $167.
  • Gamestop – I was surprised to learn that you can take your old iPhone to one of their stores and they give you cash on the spot. Their offer is currently at $255 but I have never used them (or been to their store for that matter) so I can’t say how smooth the process is.
  • Nextworth – While their offer was the highest with $235 for my iPhone 5, I decided not to go with them because of terrible reviews.
  • Gazelle – I got my quote at the end of August for $310. Currently, they offer very competitive $245 (or $257.25 in Amazon gift card). I sold both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 to Gazelle when I upgraded the last two years and they were very quick so I went ahead with this option once again.
Note: if you use my referral link to create a new account with Gazelle to sell your stuff, we will get extra $10 each. If you found information in this blog post helpful, I would sure appreciate your support! Even if you are waiting to get the 6, you can (and should) get the quote now before the value drops. You have at least a month to ship it and can always get another quote later in the unlikely event that the price goes up.
sending selling iphone 5s to gazelle

iPhone 5 tucked in and ready to be mailed to Gazelle

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  1. Are you sure this process still works as of Nov. 2 2014??? I have a family plan consisting of my Iphone 4S and two other “dumb” phones. I called and ordered the Iphone 6 plus through the one dumb phones discounted upgrade with a 2 gb plan. It arrived but I didn’t activate it yet. Over the phone Verizon told me I couldn’t activate it on my smartphone line without the new 2 gb data package still being applied to the one dumb phone line.

    • Yup. If you activate the phone on the dumbphone line, you will get charged for the data plan. I just checked the statement for this month and nothing changed – dumbphone line charges stayed as they were.

      • Coolness! I was worried that I’d get hit with an additional $30/mo on the dumb line with the new data plan they force on you. But it sounds like you found the alternative to this. Think I may give it a shot. I’ll give my feedback on it. Thank you!

        • Oh, one other thing. The sim card in the Iphone 4S isn’t supposed to be compatible with the nano sim card in the Iphone 6 plus. What’s your work around with that?

          • That I have no idea about. I went from no-SIM 4 to 5 and have been using the SIM I got with the 5 to upgrade to 5S last year and then again to 6 this year. What’s so special about 4S SIM? Is it micro and not nano? Can you trim it?

  2. I believe it’s micro but not sure; I do know they can’t just be swapped. Not sure how trimming works. What would happen if you just left both of them alone?

    • I don’t think it would matter. Just go through the Activate your device (on your iPhone line) online and it should tell you step by step what to do.

  3. What if I have a upgrade available on my dumb line. Can I just bypass the transfer upgrade step? And use the upgrade available on the dumb line instead?

  4. Do I need to even mess with the basic phone (dumbphone) once I receive the new iphone? After all that is said and done. I’ll just have a 2 year contract on the dummy and still pay only the $10 for it every month?

    • As I showed step by step above, you don’t need to touch your dumb phone in this process. The on my line are a few states away from me.

  5. When I try this method, after the step to agree to the mandatory disclosure, it gives a different screen. It tells me I need to change my plan for all my lines.

    “You currently have an Unlimited Data Package on one or more lines on your account. The Unlimited Data Package is no longer available. To continue, please select a new Data Option for all of the lines on your plan. You will not be able to go back to your current Unlimited Data Package.”

    Do you know any way around this? or did I take a wrong step?

    • I got it. clicked the wrong button.

      • did this method work for you ZENZEI?

        • The ordering went fine. I just recently ordered it. I recieved it and activated yesterday but check out my comment below for my experience.

  6. Hey Dima, thanks so much for this. After a month of backorder I’m receiving the 6 in the next few days. My 4S got ruined and I upgraded on another smartphone line that is already on a 2gb plan. I’m using an android at the moment with a 4g lte micro sim card. The 6 is comes with a 4g lte nano sim card. Should I just activate the new phone with it’s included nano sim on my unlimited data account? Or should I try to get a nano sim card now on my android and switch the sims when the 6 gets here.



    • On one hand, I don’t see an issue with just using the nano sim that will come with your iPhone 6 – I did that when I upgraded from 4 to 5. On the other hand, if you can somehow justify the request for a nanosim with your android, it would be good to have one attached to your line already so you can just pop it into the 6.

  7. Dima,
    I want to upgrade from a old iPhone 4 so I don’t think I have a SIM card to swap in. Would that make a difference to this process?

    • I didn’t do it so obviously I cant state for sure, but I did use pretty much the same process to upgrade from 4 to 5 two years ago and it worked fine. Essentially, the last step with activation instructions will be different – instead of inserting/swapping the SIMs, Verizon website should walk you throught the steps to activate it.

  8. Once you activate the new iphone on the UDP, and leave the dumb line as is, does it charge the $30 for the data package either way? Because that’s what reps have told me.

    • The data will only activate on the dumbphone line when you activate the iPhone it. Which we are not doing here, as I have shown with step by step and screenshots.

  9. I have a family plan, all with data. My line is the only one with unlimited. My plan is to get the 6 and give my son my 5. I was going to order the 6 with his line, and then activate it on mine. Or should I go ahead and activate it on his, and then transfer it to mine? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • I don’t know what will happen if you activate the new iPhone on another line first and then transfer it to your line. I don’t see how that would affect his line since he already has the 2GB data, but they way I did it works, so why tempt your fate?

  10. Is this verizon unlimited data plan trick still working? I am going to purchase the iphone 6 upgrading from a regular iphone 4 so I have no SIM card to exchange for the iphone 6.

  11. Ok cool thanks! I will update about my experience here about upgrading from a Verizon iphone 4 (no sim) to Verizon iphone 6. Hopefully it works wish me luck lol

    • Yes, that would be good to know. As I responded to another question above, I don’t see how it would be different (just a slightly different activation process) but it would be good to confirm.

  12. Just making sure but when my iphone 6 arrives and I’m ready to activate the iphone 6 on the “select which phone to activate menu” when I select to activate the iphone 6 on the unlimited plan it won’t automatically default it to a 2gb data plan? Again thanks again Dima

  13. I am currently trying to figure out why this method did not work for me. I received and activated the iphone 6 on my iphone unlimited line yesterday november 26th, which I ordered from a regular phone (dumbphone) line with an upgrade. I believe I followed the instructions exactly. Today, My account shows the iphone 6 activated and its running in my unlimited line but the line where I completed the upgrade changed. It is showing my old iphone (5) activated on it and its telling me that a data plan is activated. I don’t know how that happened. Any suggestions as what I can do? I can just think of calling verizon and asking what happpened. Thank you for your suggestions.

    • Do you mind keeping me updated on this? I have the same issue and just returned the phone.

    • Why would an iPhone 5 be showing up on the “dumbphone” line? This makes no sense.

  14. Can I assume that this should work when ordering an Android through Amazon. I would go through Verizon website but its cheaper on Amazon. Follow same steps, order on dumb line, activate on the unlimited line? I don’t see why it shouldn’t, although that last post has me a little concerned.


    • I don’t know how third party systems work. I assume that Amazon would activate the new iPhone on your dumbphone line for you and you will be stuck with the 2GB data plan on that line.

  15. Jeff please keep us updated if your upgrade from an iphone 4 works through this method. I am also looking at upgrading my iphone 4 with no SIM card.

  16. Thank you for your post! I am also trying to upgrade my phone from a iphone 4S to an iphone 6 and am curious how John’s experience from a micro sim to a nano sim worked out.

  17. Dima,

    It looks like it should be about two billing cycles for you since you did this, can you please confirm that you haven’t been forced to add a 2 gig plan to your basic line please, thanks.

    • Yes, I’ve had two statements close since I’ve upgraded. Nothing changed. I still have the unlimited plan on my iPhone line and the dumbphone lines are at $9.99 each plus taxes and bs charges.

  18. Would this work if I did this in store and walked out without opening the iphone6. ya know like upgrading the dumb phone but not actually opening it in the store and choosing to “do it later”at home and just switching it to my current unlimited data line.

  19. Zenzei, did the dumb line get switched back to the old “dumb phone plan”? I’m not sure how that would of happened as you didny transfer your iphone5 to that line.

  20. “Future dated activation” is the lingo the customer representative told me to tell the in store rep. I purchased a iPhone 6 with a dumbphone upgrade, saying it was a Christmas gift. My intentions were to continue with upgrading it to the dumbphone, cancel data and switch phones. On the phone verizon told me this was still ok and I asked to remark such permission on my account as a fail safe. But of course the in store rep told me it isn’t possible anymore and if I were to try I would be stuck with a $30 2gb additional plan to replace my dumb phone line. I was planning to be ignorant and continue with the process at hand but now with this new information I’m conflicted on what I should do.

    • I wouldn’t risk it at the store. Once they screw it up (and how much trust you have into the sales rep not screwing it up?), you won’t be able to get it back. The whole point of what I’ve written up is to avoid dealing with the idiots at the store.

  21. Ok. So I have 3 lines in Verizon. All 3 lines have upgrades. My main line has unlimited data. The other 2 are basic lines with no data. So say I upgraded dummy line 1 with the iphone. Now, in theory dummy line 1 is now stuck in a 2 year contract with $30 data plan. Next, I decide to transfer dummy line 2 upgrade to dummy line 1. Now I have another upgrade. I decide to use dummy line 1 for another iphone upgrade. Reason I would do this is so I wouldn’t have 2 dummy lines in a contract…just 1. Here’s the kicker. I also have a TMobile account. They have plans right now where they pay for early termination if you switch over. So I would just have my dummy line 1 with the contract transferred over to tmobile. Do you see any issues with this? Also, if your method works, I can actually upgrade 3 times (my main line too) right?

  22. I followed your instructions with the slight change of getting a non-activated iphone 6 from the store rather than from the web. It worked! So far (it’s been two days). Now the waiting to see if anything changes in the near future.

  23. thanks for putting this together, very helpful.

    i have an iphone 4s and i’m interested in doing what you did to keep my unlimited data while upgrading to an iphone 6. has anyone tried this recently and has it worked? what steps did you do differently since the example used went from a 5 to a 6 and not a 4s to a 6.

    thanks in advance.

  24. I have the original iphone 4 and am available for an upgrade. I have unlimited data and am wanting to upgrade to the iphone 6 plus. So if I transfer my upgrade to my dumb phone line that was just upgraded in august I can get the iphone 6 plus through that line. Then just activate it on my iphone 4 line with unlimited data and every thing will stay the same. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    • Yes, you should be able to do that. The last couple steps for activation will be different since you will not be swapping SIM cards between your iPhones, but Verizon website will guide you through what you need to do.

  25. Hello! I’m attempting to upgrade from an iPhone 4 (no sim) to a 6 plus. I’m a couple steps in but have hit a snag – I’ve entered the device ID and received & entered the customer verification text. However, in the next step I get the following message:

    “You are requesting to change from a 3G device to a 4G device. 4G devices require a SIM Card, a portable memory chip that holds account (plan) information, address book, text messages, music, photos and more.”

    Since I’m upgrading from an iPhone 4, I don’t have a sim card. It’s giving me two options.

    1) I have a current sim (the only sim I have is the one that presumably comes with the new 6 plus and is also presumably linked to my dumb phone line)
    2) Send me a new sim

    Should I try moving forward with the sim that came with the 6 plus or should I request a new sim from Verizon?


    • Additional info: when I select “send me a new sim” the following text is displayed:

      You have selected to have a new, FREE SIM Card sent to you.

      – Your account will first be reviewed to ensure there are no plan feature conflicts with your new device.
      – You will then be able to order your new SIM Card.
      – Once you receive your new SIM Card, you will need to return to this site to complete activation.

      I’m a bit concerned about the first line about reviewing my account.

      If I select “I have an existing sim card” the following text is displayed:

      To activate a Verizon Wireless SIM Card, enter the SIM Card Identification code below. Only certified devices can be activated through this site.

      Not sure how this would work out.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Update: Got impatient and selected the option to order a new sim card 🙂 The ordering process went smoothly – apparently there were no issues after my account was reviewed. All indications are that my UDP is in tact and the sim should arrive in a couple days. I’ll be sure to update then.

      • Thanks for the updates, Ryan. I believe I was faced with a similar dilemma back when I upgraded from 4 to 5. I don’t think that when the phone ships it’s SIM card is attached to a line – I think that’s whay activation does. but people have ordered new SIM cards in the past just to be extra careful. Glad that it’s working out for you so far! Do keep us updated and I’ll modify my post to point folks in similar situation to your comments.

        • No problem, Dima! Thank you for your extremely helpful blog post! I hope you find this last update useful. Let me know if you have any follow up questions.

          Latest update: I received the new sim card today (which came already attached to my UDP line) – I think this is key for success. Next, after installing the new sim card (but not turning the phone on yet) I tried activating my new phone through the Verizon website. Unfortunately I encountered an error which told me to call the customer support line. I called expecting I’d have to talk to an actual person but as it turns out, I ended up activating my new 6 plus over the phone via phone menus (I never actually talked to a person for this process). One tip I picked up – both phones have to be turned OFF to make the swap. This means you’ll need to use a friend or family member’s phone for this process. One last thing to note – when I first turned on the 6 plus after swapping devices it still said “No Service” in the upper left corner for at least a couple minutes. I thought the swap had failed but right when I was gearing up to call customer support again, it detected the swap and found service. You can imagine my relief 🙂

          I’ve checked my account and nothing looks to be changed – still have my UDP on my line, no data plan on the dumb phone line.

          I’ll update again if anything changes on my account but so far it looks as though everything is good to go.


          • Great this worked out for you Ryan, enjoy the UDP at least until the next time we have to upgrade 🙂

  26. i have two iPhone on my acount 1 is a iPhone 5s with at 2 GB data plan and a iPhone 5s with an unlimited data plane. i thought is to transfer the upgrade to the iPhone 5s with has a 2GB Data plan an upgrade to the iPhone 6. then when i receive it in the mail activate it on the iPhone 5s line with the unlimited date plan, simply by using the Nano sim from the iPhone 5s. any thought on this working

    • I don’t see why not, same concept, different “dumb”phone

    • WAJC,

      Did this method work for you to keep your unlimited data? I am in the same situation and wondering if I can use the 2GB line to order the upgrade then simply follow the online activation instruction above to activate the new phone on my Unlimited line.

      I’m anxious to hear if this worked for you!

  27. what if you dont have a sim card? i didnt know iphones came with sim cards, i have the iphone 4 and im capable of doing everything you said but i dont have a sim card to pop out?

    • They do since 4S. I addressed that at the end of the previous post (updating from 5 to 5S). I had no issues upgrading from 4 to 5 – Verizon website will guide you through the process of activating your sim.

  28. Does iphone 4 have a SIM card?

  29. So the SIM card sizes are different from 4 to 6, can I still activate the phone on my line once I recieve the phone in the mail and keep the unlimited data? Without putting the old sim from the 4 into the 6?

    • I just answered your question and no, Verizon iPhone 4 did not have a SIM card, it was CDMA only.

  30. Just ordered an iPhone 6 on my sisters line (my old iPhone 4) and I currently have an iPhone 5. I’ve done the tricks to keep UDP over the years. In the shipping email, it is also coming with a 4G SIM card as she was on the iPhone 4. My question is do I just need to continue to use my 4G sim in my 5 and transfer it into the 6, or do I or should I use the new one an activate it on my line with UDP

  31. Doma,

    I am attempting to do this but I am going to use the new phone as just an ipod and not activate it at all.. At least not for some time. Do you know by not ever activating how that affects the upgrade status of the dumb phone? I just did the order, received the new phone, and checked my account. Everything looks the same as before. All the upgrade dates are the same. It just feels wierd and I am wondering if they will catch on later when the phone is never activated.

    • I just checked my account and the dumbphone line I used to upgrade in September shows upgrade eligibility in September 2015 – not really sure why only after one year instead of two (it does say “You are eligible for Early Edge” not sure what that means).

  32. Not sure if i am just not reading it right or not understanding but to get the “dumb phone” line to stay the same (not have a $30 charge per month) Do you have to call and cancel and say you never activated the phone? Or as long as you are not activating on that “Dumb phone” line you will not be charged and do not have to do anything? Just confused me in the chat where it mentions the 14 day return policy, and at the end does not mention anything about removing that data charge on the “dumb phone” line.

    • This: “as long as you are not activating on that “Dumb phone” line you will not be charged and do not have to do anything”

  33. I have a 4s with unlimited, but my son as a 4s with 2gb. If I transfer my upgrade to his line to get the 6 plus and activate it on my line will I be able to keep the unlimited?

    • I don’t see why that wouldn’t work – the concept is the same.

    • Jen, did this work for you? I am in the same situation. We have 3 lines with Unlimited and 1 line with 2GB limit. I’d like to do the upgrade through the 2GB line and then activate the phone through one of the Unlimited lines, but wanted to see if this has worked for anyone. I’m hoping it worked for you to keep your Unlimited!

  34. Still works as of today (1/15/15).
    Ordered the iphone 6 (128GB space grey) on another line on the account, when I got it I then had to order a nano 4G sim card since I was upgrading from a 4S. As soon as the card came, I activated it through the website, and switched it out with the pre-installed sim card, then just started up the phone. Didn’t have to activate the phone separately or get the online authorization code.
    Just checked the account on the verizon website, unlimited data plan is intact with the iphone 6 showing up on my line (and not the line I upgraded it on).

  35. I now have the same message as Zenzei had, and am scared to do the upgrade swap (which I have done many, many times before).

    “you currently have an unlimited data package on one or more lines on your account. the unlimited data package is no longer available. to continue, please select a new data option for all of the lines on your plan. you will not be able to go back to your current unlimited data package.”

    I am trying to transfer a dumbphone line upgrade to a 2GB line, then swap that phone on to an unlimited line. I have done this before, without this message just last fall 2014.
    Anyone know if I can still do this without losing the unlimited? Or maybe this is just when i try on my verizon (ie: I should go to bestbuy).

  36. Hey Jama,

    Do you know if this will work if I order the device through a 3rd party, like

    • This workaround depends on getting the phone as an upgrade on your non-UDP line without activating it on that line first. Would I trust someone with that when they have all the incentive to get you off UDP? Absolutely not.

  37. Thanks for an awesome tutorial Dima, but this isn’t working for me now. I says I have to switch to the MORE Everything plan. Anyone else get theirs to work as of late? Thanks

    • Phil reported this working last week I think, see above. “says to switch to MORE Everything plan” at what point does it say that?

  38. So I’m trying to checkout, and I’m receiving the message “YOU MUST SELECT A PLAN IN ORDER TO CHECKOUT.” Help! I did select a plan…

  39. This worked great for me when I did it the first week of January, using the upgrade on a dumb phone line to get an iPhone 5s. Had to agree to a 2gb data charge per month for 2 years when ordering the upgrade. Received the phone in the mail and did the online activation to activate the phone on my line which had unlimited data and an iPhone 4 (no SIM card). I got scared when it got to the SIM card part but there was a card already in the 5s so I simply activated that card. Like someone else mentioned it took a few minutes for the 5s to stop showing “no service” but finally it did! Got my bill and all looks exactly the same!!!! Still have unlimited on my smart phone line and still no data charge on the dumb phone line. Thank you for the tips!

    • Thanks for the update, Rachel. Glad this was helpful. Enjoy the UDP!

      • Rachel you were able to activate the sims card that came with your new phone? I’m going from a android to a iPhone 6 so I don’t have a sims card & was considering purchasing one. Thanks

  40. Sorry if this was asked before, but does anyone know if this still works with adding a line. I know I will have to pay the $10 a month extra for that line but will I be able to remove the data plan if I dont activate the phone on that line?

  41. Hello Dima,

    Just so I am clear, will the dummy phone line still be billed to the VZW Account $10 a month for the 2 year contract (24 months x $10 per month = $240) and after that I can cancel?

    You still save about $260 ($399 upgrade price with + $240 – dummy phone line = Total of $639. MSRP $999.99) if you buy the Iphone 6 Plus 64 GB if all works out.

  42. Hi
    I’ve already activated the new phone that I’m swapping out but it says I can’t switch devices yet because there is a order pending on my line. Is this common? Do I need to wait a few days to try again? Thanks!

  43. Hello,

    I would like to do this for my wife who has an iphone3G (no sim card!) using my dumb-phone line. Will this procedure work if you don’t have a sim card? If not, is there a work around?

    Thank you very much!

  44. Oooops! I meant iPhone4 with 3G. Sorry.

  45. So if I do buy a iPhone 6 from either Verizon Online or in store pick up and am able to activate later on and not in store via Future Dated Activation (by lying and saying its a bday present for my mother), and just bypass the dumb phone and put my 5s sim in the new iPhone 6 and leave the dumb phone as is with its current dumb phone plan will it show that i have just activated an iPhone 6 online? Just by switching sim cards from 5s to 6?

    Also will verizon see I just switched phones and try and penalty me for NOT activating it on the dumby phone line?

    • Yes (if you trust the moronic store employees not to mess it up).


  46. Worked great! Thanks to all!

    • Enjoy!

    • James,

      I saw above that you’ve successfully upgraded a iphone4 using the technique discussed here. I have a question for you about sim cards. Did you activate your new phone using the sim card that came with the new device or did you follow Ryan’s advice above and opt for them to send you a sim card? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

      Also thanks for the information Dima.


  47. It says my iphone 6 was shipped with a 4G sim card but I already have one in my iphone 5, what do I do with the SIM card that is inside the iphone 6 when I get it.

  48. Hello All,

    I wanted to share my experience to anyone who might have to deal with the same scenario that I had.

    First off, I have a Nationwide Talk/Txt 1400 family plan with five (5) total lines. Three smartphones (two with UDP, one with 2GB), and two basic phones (no data). I recently upgraded the smartphone line with the 2GB data plan which was out of contract, to an new iPhone 6 Plus and had it activated in the Apple store on that line. Once I got home and went through the initial setup of the iPhone, I called Verizon Customer Service and asked them to move phones around on my account. I moved the new iPhone 6 Plus which I had activated on the line with the upgrade eligibility to one of the lines with the UDP. I switched the phone from one UDP line to the other UDP line, and the final phone from the UDP line back to the line I used to upgrade to the iPhone 6+. This was all completed pretty seamlessly with only having to restart each phone once or twice and I still have UDP on both my lines that I originally had them on. I still have two upgrades available on my UDP lines so once the iPhone 7 drops, I’ll use the info Dima provided on this site to upgrade one of my basic lines. Thanks for all the posts and I hope this is useful to someone.

  49. Just followed the steps to upgrade from my iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6. Worked exactly has described. One question I had was if I’m supposed to include the SIM (from the new iPhone 6) with the phone when I sell it using Gazelle or can I just leave it out? Thanks so much for this post!

    • Awesome, thanks for the report. You can trash the SIM card, no need to include it when you sell to gazelle.

  50. Thanks for the information. I didn’t see it in the comments so I thought I would ask. Does the dumb phone line still work after using the prescribed steps?

  51. I’ve read these posts over and over, and am at the final stages of upgrading a basic (or dumb phone as you call it) to the iPhone 6 plus, and when received, I will switch it to my Son’s line which has ULD. I am hopelessly electronically challenged! Probably the worst to attempt this. Anyway, since the basic phone was only $9.99 mo additional line fee, this upgrade changed my monthly charge from approx 273.00 to 373.00 monthly. I’m confused and my husband will kill me if that will be our new monthly bill! Now remember, I have no idea what I’m doing, only going by your step by step instructions…(which vary a little at this time). So, once the new IPhone is received, follow your instructions and nothing will change with the old basic phone? Why would that upgrade from basic to smart charge not appear? HELLLLPPPP 🙂

    • As my screenshots show, nothing should change. If you aren’t sure about doing this, don’t!

  52. Awesome. I think it worked. Hope I won’t get billed the 2g on the bill. But following your steps closely was excellent. Thank you!

  53. Do ya know if this process still work?

  54. OK, so far I haven’t seen anyone have the situation where they have 2 lines on their family share plan, and both are eligible for an upgrade, and both have the UDP. Here’s my situation:

    I want to upgrade to the iPhone 6 Plus and I have UDP, of course I want to keep. These steps look to work perfectly for me, as I can upgrade my OTHER line, activate the new phone on MY line, and keep UDP on MY line. Apparently using the above procedure, my OTHER line shouldn’t be affected.

    With that being said, can I follow the above steps to get a new phone on MY line, and not affect either MY UDP or OTHER UDP as long as it’s not activated on the OTHER line? And if so, shouldn’t I also be able to do the same thing (vise-versa) for the OTHER line?

    • Seems risky, I wouldn’t want to mess up either of the UDP lines.

    • BlackItalian,

      I wanted to see if you ended up trying this method you described and if so, did it work to keep your Unlimited?

      • I was too nervous after DIMA said I shouldn’t try it, so no. I may try next month so I’ll try to keep you updated.

        • Cool, keep me posted, because I’ll be looking to do the same thing in about 2 months if it works for you.

  55. Ok..i did it followed the steps and used the SIM card that came with the phone…and I’m posting this from my new iPhone 6 plus checked my data on verizon in still says unlimited

  56. Hello,

    I have 2 unlimited lines on my plan, one is an iphone and one is android. Both are eligible for upgrade and of course we don’t want to lose unlimited and don’t want to pay over $600 for new phones… Are we out of luck since we don’t have dumblines active?

    • Theoretically, it should work if you order on one line and activate on another – since you aren’t activating it on the line you ordered, the changes on that account should not go into the effect. Now, if you do it on both lines, I don’t know what’s going to happen. But the keyword is SHOULD. YMMV

  57. Has anyone out there tried the method below and found that it works:

    We have 4 lines on our account. 3 with Unlimited and 1 with 2gb limit. I want to order the upgrade through the 2gb line and have the phone shipped to me, then activate it on my Unlimited line by going through the same online activation process as shown above.

    I saw in the comments that there were 2 people in this same situation that wanted to try this, but didn’t see any updates on if it worked or not. I imagine it would work, as it seems to be the same concept as ordering the upgrade through a “dumb phone” line, but since we don’t have a “dumb phone” line I’m thinking that ordering the upgrade through the 2gb line then following the instruction above will work just the same.

    Anyone out there try this yet and if so, were you able to keep your unlimited?

  58. Hi Air,

    I have the same family plan as DIMA but I transferred upgrade to my sister’s Tiered Data Plan – 2gb limit and ordered the iphone6 through her line. Then I activated it on my Unlimited line through pretty much the same online activation process shown above.

    I did not do a transfer SIM though since I upgraded my phone from ip4s to ip6. I was worried it might be a problem or would have to order a SIM, or maybe even activate it on my sister’s line and then consider switching phones later on, but things worked out fine. I just used the the SIM card that it shipped with and followed the instructions on Verizon website, entering the numbers on the new SIM card to activate.

    I have had my iPhone6 for a couple days now and it looks like nothing changed on my phone plan and it shows that I have Unlimited Data; nothing else has changed with my sister’s line and she can still upgrade in June.

    Hope this helped some more.

    Thank you DIMA for your screen shots and easy to follow process! Please keep us up-to-date 🙂 I’m going to go enjoy my huge upgrade of a phone and finally see what this 4G LTE network is about! 😀

    • Hi Nancy,

      That’s great to hear! Thanks for the reply and info on this, it’s very helpful! So, it sounds like when I order the phone it will come with a new blank SIM card and that you used that new one that came with the phone to go through the activation process, am I getting that correct?

      Also, you mentioned that your sister’s line still has her upgrade. I’m curious if her line was eligible for upgrade prior to you transferring your upgrade to her line and so it essentially placed 2 upgrades on her line and you just used one of them, leaving 1 for her to use later?

      Our 2GB line has an upgrade available and so does my line, so I’m thinking I’ll just do my upgrade using the upgrade on the 2GB line, then when the time comes I can just transfer the upgrade on my line to that 2GB line to be used later.

      And yes, thank you DIMA, this has been extremely helpful and somehow very very satisfying!

    • Hi Nancy, I wanted to see if you still have your Unlimited data. I have recently heard that if I transferred the upgrade from my Unlimited line to the 2GB and do the upgrade through the 2GB that the upgrade would still tie back to my Unlimited line and would effect it so that I would lose Unlimited. It sounds like you transferred the upgrade from your Unlimited to your sister’s 2GB line and did the upgrade that way, so I wanted to see if you were able to keep Unlimited at this point.

      When I transferred the upgrade from my Unlimited line to another line is actually said right on the upgrade info “upgrade transferred from 555-555-5555” the number being the phone number from my unlimited line. This leads me to believe they are tracing which line the upgrade came from and that anything done would affect the line the upgrade originally came from.

      I hope you still have Unlimited, because I would like to use this method, too!

  59. Another scenario just came up that I’m curious to see if anyone has faced: I have 4 lines, 3 on Unlimited and 1 on 2GB limit. I have an upgrade available on one of my Unlimited lines and an upgrade on my 2GB line. I want to upgrade using my 2GB line using the method above to activate on my Unlimited line, no problem there. But, a question came up when I was talking to my co-worker about this today. I told him when the time came to upgrade another line I would simply transfer the upgrade from my Unlimited line over to the 2GB line to do the upgrade again. He said if I did that it would convert my Unlimited line to a 2GB limit line, because Verizon now tracks which line the upgrade is coming from and had closed that loophole. So essentially, he said the upgrade tied to an Unlimited line, if transferred to a 2GB line or a dumb phone line, would still trace back to the Unlimited line and once you completed the upgrade through the 2GB line or dumb phone line, that it would convert the Unlimited line to a 2GB line.

    I’m curious to know if anyone has run into this and what their experience has been with it? Because, I think someone above said they had 2 Unlimited lines and used the upgrade from one line to order the phone, but that when it came they just activated the phone on the other Unlimited line and was still able to keep their Unlimited. If that’s the case, then I suppose I could do the same thing with the upgrades on the 2 Unlimited lines when they become available next month.

    I appreciate any feedback and thoughts on this!

    • In general that’s probably correct. As this post shows, when you follow these specific steps, you can still keep the unlimited data. Everything else is hearsay.

    • That is what I am crying to figure out. I upgraded an phone on an unlimited plan. They are offering 6gb for the price of 2gb if you upgraded a phone and lost your unlimited data. The plan was to get the new phone, get 6gb, than switch new phone to the last line with unlimited data. The website will not allow me to switch any phones, I keep getting a message that says….We’re sorry! Unfortunately, none of the lines on your account are eligible to receive the Online Authorization Code. You will not be able to add the new device to your account. Please call (800) 922-0204 or dial *611 from your mobile phone for further assistance.

      I just got the Samsung S6 on friday and activated it with the 6gb on saturday. And now it’s sunday. So maybe too early. But it won’t let me activate an old phone on another line either. Seemed to be completed blocked from doing anything. I know they are cracking down on people using upgrades for one line and switching to another. Customer service told me that. She wasn’t sure how they were tracking people. ON my account is still had the box under each phone that said…”switch upgrade to another line”. So I am completely confused on how come they still have that up, but won’t allow that to happen.

      Any advice, suggestions. I usually do everything over the internet and have used the bait and switch..ect. I am an old pro at this, but for once am stumped.

      Thank you.

  60. I am about to try to do this process by switching from an iPhone 4 (CDMA) to the iPhone 6. Verizon’s email says they are shipping a “pre-installed” sim card with the phone. Should I try to use this sim card or order a new one?

  61. I was unable to activate my phone with keeping my unlimited plan. When getting to activating the SIM card it states that your plan is not compatible with the new phone features. I tried selecting the SIM I received with the iphone 6plus and by selecting to send me a new one. I currently have an iPhone 4 with no SIM so I didn’t have the option of just moving my card from one phone to another. I guess I’ll try and switch phones by activating my boyfriends old phone which use to be on our UDP and cut down the card to the correct size.

    • Hey Karla, Let me know how that goes, I’m really excited about this and waiting to upgrade my phone line as well.

    • Not to direct folks away from this site, but before you try any other methods you might be thinking of check out this site, it details 3 or 4 different ways that you can accomplish this without losing your Unlimited Data.

      Dima’s site has been very informative and excellent at showing the specific method he’s found to work. The link I’ve provided details a few other ways you can go about keeping your UDP, even if you have only 1 line on your account.

      I only share the link in hopes that it will keep more people on their UDP and to keep them from making a mistake or giving up thinking that there’s no other way to do this.

      Hope this helps everyone!

      • I don’t really see anything useful at that link. Glancing over the few blog posts, it seems that BestBuy might be able to transfer and/or upgrade your phone? I would not trust the crooks that work there to do anything properly (even less than I would trust the Verizon store employees).

  62. Can I do this with other phones like Galaxy note 4?? I wouldn’t mind getting an iPhone but I’m an Android User and I want to stick with that. Let me know please!

    • I don’t see why not but I have only done this with an iPhone.

  63. Just a quick update – I can confirm that this still works. I killed my 128GB iPhone 6 while snorkeling in Kauai with Watershot case and used the upgrade from another dumbphone to get myself a new 64GB iPhone 6. From what I could tell, the steps have not changed at all since September.

    • Thanks for the great update! Love to know that this works as of today!

    • Dima was this using your existing SIM card from your old 128gb iPhone 6 though?

      • Yup, just swapped out the SIM cards. It’s actually the very first sim I got when I upgraded from 4 to 5, then 5 to 5s, 5s to 6 and now 6 to 6. Just realized that.

  64. Followed this well documented process as described above switching from a iPhone 4S to a iPhone 6 a few weeks back without issue. I have held off posting anything until my billing cycle ended to verify nothing had changed, which it has not, I have retained my unlimited data plan. In addition I upgraded another line on my account from a 4 to 5S without problems. Very happy we have been able to win one over on big business!

    • Great! Thanks for letting us know.

    • Hi Tim!

      Great to hear you had success with this message 🙂

      I’m also switching from an iPhone 4s to an iPhone 6 and wanted to know if you used the SIM card the iPhone 6 came with or ordered a new one?

      I saw several other replies on this page with people who did one or the other (used the pre-installed one or ordered a new one), but I didn’t see follow-up posts from them. You said you waited until your billing cycle ended, so I’m ready to follow whichever method you chose ^^.

      Thanks so much for your post!

  65. I am still not clear, do I use the included SIM card or order a new one?

    • Don’t know if it matters. I followed the prompts and it told me to swap out the cards.

  66. My 4S does not have a SIM card. How should I activate iPhone6 ?

    • I tried the above methods to upgrade from an iphone 4 (UDP) to a 6plus.
      I transferred my upgrade to a second line on our Family Share plan with a an iphone 5 on 2 GB TDP no upgrade available.
      The 6 plus came and I tried today to activate online to my 4’s line . As soon as I clicked on the 4 as the phone I wanted to activate – a pop up window with all the 6 Plus phone info appeared( sim, id, phone ordered on…) asking if I wanted to activate the 6 plus ordered for line 2’s number? I ignored and chose activate a phone that has never been on the plan , I input the phone id and the sim numbers and immediately a screen popped up telling me my plan was not compatible and to choose a new data plan. I cancelled tried again and this time chose send me a free SIM for the 4’s line and after a short pause while it checked my account – the same incompatibility message popped up asiKng me to choose a new data plan. I again cancelled. At this point, I could have activated on line 2’s plan and then switched phones but I still would need a SIM card to activate the phone on my UDP plan. I went to a Verizon Premium Retailer to buy a SIM and he assured me he could do the activation with a new SIM directly onto my line without activating on the other line 1st and without losing my UDP. It took about 15 mins for him to do what was needed and I left the store with phone activated and for now the UDP intact.

    • I just upgraded from a iPhone 4 to a iPhone 6 plus. My iPhone 4 did not have a SIM card in it and I was unable to use the SIM card that came with the phone or order a new one from Verizon as it said I had to select a new data plan. I did have a friends old phone though that had a 4g SIM card which I used but had to trim it to nano size. I don’t know if I had to but I switch my service to the 4g SIM phone first then went to activate the iPhone 6 plus and it said the SIM card wasn’t compatible with the iPhone 6 plus due to size I’m sure but I just trimmed it and stuck it in without going through the transfer of SIM cards step. So far it still says unlimited data on my line and shows nothing as far as charged data on my dumb phone line.

      • Great job thinking outside the box and congrats on keeping the UDP!

      • Hi Karla,

        Were you able to do this without a sim card for the older 4g phone. I’m thinking through my upgrade process now ( from iphone4 to something newer ( still deciding what- but it will be 4g with sim), and I want to avoid complications. I have a friends 4g droid razer that I can use to aid in the process but no sim with it. Also, would you imagine this same complication if you bought the phone new at retail cost?

        Thanks for any comments!

    • I followed the online steps when I went from no-SIM iPhone 4 to iPhone 5. People report various experiences now – for some, it still works. Others get a separate SIM card, etc. Read through the comments.

  67. Today is June 8, 2015. Still works!! Thank you so much! Awesome!

  68. Hi All,
    I have read this thread many times over and I am currently running into a problem I’m wondering if anyone else has figured out.
    Line 1 iphone 5 UDP – upgrade
    Line 2 iphone 6plus 2gb – no upgrade

    There are other lines but for simplicity I am line 1 and transferred my upgrade to my mom’s line 2 and ordered the iphone 6 with no problem. Today I received the new phone and after going to my devices, activate or switch devices, I was prompted with a message that asked me to verify my order checking if I was trying to activate the phone that was just shipped to me. I then chose the option at the bottom that says “not trying to activate this phone at this time, take me to the activate or switch device page. Then I follow the steps as above and enter the new phone’s IMEI/MEID and I’m prompted with a message that tells me I must update my plan to a 7GB data bundle w hotspot for $70 (this is the only option). I’ve just canceled my attempt in hopes that someone has found a way around this! I have the new unactivated phone in hand but I can wait if it means saving my UDP! Any help will be appreciated!!!!!!

    • So I ended up activating my phone via the prompt that told me to verify my order and everything worked as outlined up above, and under my account it looks as though I successfully maintained my UDP! The only caveat now is that my mom’s line, the line I ordered the phone on is unable to call me and I to call her (texting works?). Also under her account there is no device pictured or listed, while everything else including our plan is working as normal. I’m hesitant to call Verizon customer service in the case they might figure out what happened… just throwing it out there…

      • Yes, be careful calling Verizon with this. Makes no sense thou. If you never activated the phone on your mom’s line, it should not have affected her at all. Did the issues start when you ordered the new iPhone or when you got it and activated it?

  69. Going from a 4 IP to a 6 IP. I have no sim card. What is the best action to take. I have read the whole blog and I am not sure which way to go.

    Basically we have a 5s limited, a basic plan on a line and then my 4 UDP. I understand everything except the best way to handle the SIM card.


  70. Can this be done if I am upgrading from an android?

  71. For all you ladies and gents having trouble activating your new (ordered) phone. You have to get a new sim card. The pre installed one that comes with your with your phone is set to be activated on your dummy line. Even though I tried activating the new phone on my UDP line it still required me to get rid of it the un limited data. So I went and got myself a new sim card and transfered my UDP account to a new sim and just popped it right into the new phone and it worked like a charm.

  72. Hi everyone,

    Does this method still work? I would like to upgrade my iphone 5 to the new iphone 6S coming out. Thanks!

    • I don’t see why it wouldn’t. The bigger question at this point is how Verizon and AT&T will sell the new iPhone – if we will still be able to upgrade at a discount.

  73. Bad news: I’m not sure if it’s possible to transfer the upgrade eligibility anymore. This is what I see when I go to upgrade a device:

    Selecting a line and checking Next just brings me to the catalog. Not sure what will happen if I select a device and proceed to checkout, as I didn’t want to risk it (plus the 6S was not available at the time of check).

    Any idea what to do?

  74. I’m planning to upgrade from an iPhone 6 to the new 6s Plus so I’ll let everyone know if it works. I tried doing it with the pre-order and it doesn’t seem to be working. Hopefully Verizon didn’t close this loop hole as well for us unlimited data plan owners.

  75. Hi DIMA, have you had a chance to confirm. Would like to know this works before I order an upgrade. thanks

    • Yup, worked like a charm. I think someone mentioned that they no longer let you transfer an upgrade from UDP to dumbphone, but the dumbphone already had an upgrade on it so I didn’t have to try that.

  76. Just finished upgrading from an iPhone 6 to a 6S Plus. The steps above work, however, the screens have changed on the Verizon website. I didn’t have to do the verification step at all (getting the text message). Also, one thing to keep in mind is that if you put the new SIM in the old phone (since you’re moving the old SIM into the new phone)…don’t turn on the old phone with the SIM in it. Otherwise it will activate and upgrade your dumb phone line to the old smartphone.

    Finally, the Verizon rep told me on the phone today that they were changing things starting in mid November so that if you are not under contract with a phone that has unlimited data they will be charging an extra $20/month. Also, they are doing away with the 2 year contract upgrades and forcing you to upgrade to the new phone pricing model where you basically lease the phone instead of owning it after 2 years. Lame move for Verizon and terrible from a customer experience perspective.

  77. Success!!! was able to upgrade from iphone 6 plus to a iphone 6s plus. Thank you for this forum.

  78. Thanks for the info

  79. I have 2 family Verizon share plans accounts. Account#1=1 Udp line(lost phone), 2 tired, 1 dumb. Account#2=2 Udp, 1 tired. I added a line(6s+) on Account#1. Question(s) = 1) How would I switch the new phone to the Udp line within the same account? 2) What if I do not have a SIM card to switch since my son lost his phone? 3) Is it possible to switch the new phone to Udp line in account#2? Thank you so much for all your help. I really don’t want to lose my unlimited data on the lines remaining. Thank you

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